SM64 TASing Competition Joins GSA to Start 10th Year

Last week, the SM64 TASing Competition hosted its final results stream of 2018. Every two weeks for the entire year, a “task” was released to the public, to be completed by competitors with the fastest time possible. TASers generally had two weeks to independently work on this task, after which they would submit their finished … Read more

Giles Goddard and Mario 64’s Progressive Coding Language – Ukikipedia News 7

In the early 90s at the Consumer Electronics Show, Nintendo staff were shown something that stunned them. Seemingly, a group had broken the copyright protection on the Game Boy, reverse engineered how it worked, and created a working 3D game on it. Nintendo was incredibly impressed and quickly invited the group who had worked on … Read more

bad_boot Discovers New Memory Manipulation Method, Turns Bob-ombs into Butterflies – Ukikipedia News Week 6

Memory manipulation glitches can be some of the most game breaking and bizarre exploits in a game. Editing memory in unattended ways can lead to arbitrary code execution (ACE), a glitch that can completely break a game by allowing manipulation to its code. Super Mario World and early Pokemon games have ACE methods that completely … Read more